Yarralumla House, Canberra


Rodney Moss, of
Cox Humphries Moss

Catherine & Robert Clynes

We enjoyed building this house, mainly because of John and his team. They are highly skilled craftsmen, full of enthusiasm, who set themselves the highest standards. The whole team earned our confidence.

On a personal level, we like John very much and respected his opinion.

He is a creative man, thoughtful and self-effacing, with strong ideas and a passion for perfection. John was obviously held in high regard by the various people working on our house.

John and his team seemed to take pride in resolving the architectural challenges that arose during the course of construction. We had an engineering friend who used to visit the site during the building phase and point out examples of not just the craftsmanship of the visible parts but also the integrity of the construction.

Our house won the Canberra Medallion. It’s a daily joy to us.

Rodney Moss, of
Cox Humphries Moss

If you want to know what John is like, give him a great design concept plus a set of plans and tell him it is over budget.

He loves it because he’s got a great eye for design—so he can strip out all the unnecessary construction while retailing the essential features that express the design. You end up with a tighter, better building that’s on budget.

John always gathers around him tradesmen who share his views and values, so his whole team is passionate about doing things as well as they can be done.

It’s said that God is in the details. If that’s the case then I think John could well be the servant of God.

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