90 Hudson Pde, Clareville


Bruce James, of
BJP Architects

Bruce James, of
BJP Architects

We have now worked with the Bellevarde people on several buildings. Each new site has required a different approach because of site context and client.

John has always risen to the occasion ... he gets excited by the challenge. 

Hudson Parade was one such job. With John, I always knew that an update in details and a potentially genuine innovation was coming on, when the lined pad and Pentel pen came out. 

What has been a constant is John’s commitment to details and to getting the fit of the building to the site ‘right’. The house was constructed directly off a basement below sea level, with all the potential issues involved in tanking and ventilation. We were once again astonished by the ease of execution by John’s people, and the quality of the result.

It has been an unqualified success. It brings a smile to my face each time I go into the building and think of the resolutions behind the project. 

When John and his people express pride in a job, they mean it! It’s always a collaboration—and the experience of this is exceptional. It’s a gift of insight and inclusion that I think John Fielding intuitively has. His people know where details are going, because they are part of the result. There has been a palpable loyalty on site because everyone seems to be aware they are in a special working environment, and probably feel privileged in this way. If I were a tradesman starting out, I would want to be on a site like this.

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